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    Dr. Jain'S By Pure naturals Greynil Dark Shade, 500 G

    Dr. Jain'S By Pure naturals Greynil Dark Shade, Dark shade. Made with fine products. Safe to use.
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    Dr. Jain'S Pure naturals Greynil Dark Shade:Take the required quantity of Greynil powder mixture (according to hair volume) in a bowl. Slowly add boiling water with stirring. Stir for 5 minutes,(which release the enzymes) when the pase turns lukewarm apply it to hair. Start by applying the paste to the roots by parting at different places separating the hair strand by strand. Apply all over the scalp and hair and pile up the hair on top of the head. Put a plastic shower cap to cover the entire head. Wrap the head with long cotton cloth. (This helps in keeping hair warm for better colouring and also for avoiding cold. Keep it for two hours and wash with lukewarm water. Do not use soap or shampoo for washing. The clear hair colour appears only after 24 hours. Note : Apply this mixture on dry non-oily hair. We suggest you to buy a hair brush and plastic shower cap